The Flyboard is licensed for all recreational private and leisure rentals. Lucrative shows and demonstrations are exclusively reserved to Zapata Racing. The Flyboard is protected by international patents. All rights reserved. Any reproduction, even partial, of the product by any means whatsoever is prohibited under penalty of law. 95% of the parts are made in France. 

Equipment Required 
• Buoyancy vest with Coast Guard Certification or similar international certification 
• Watersports type helmet 
• Isothermal wetsuit 
• Jet Ski of 100hp or greater, 150hp or higher is recommended 

Safety Warning 
• Not recommended for use under 16yrs. 
• Dangerous when winds exceed 35 MPH and waves exceeding 3 feet in height. 
• Not for use whilst under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or drugs that affect alertness. 
• Strictly one person at a time on the Flyboard. 
• Must adhere to the safety training provided in Flyboard Instructional Course. 
• Local and State law must be adhered to whilst operating the Flyboard. 
• A minimum depth of 12 feet is required at all times. 

• 1 year limited guarantee of the Flyboard (private use). 
• The warranty is limited to operating and non-state visual parts. 
• The warranty does not cover wearable parts. 
• The Flyboard should be used in its original configuration. 
• All warranties are deemed null and void if not used as described in the User Manual.